Grounding Mat Cord (Replacement) Grounding Mat

Grounding Mat Cord (Replacement)

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Elevate your safety and grounding experience with our specially designed Grounding Cord. This remarkable cord is equipped with an embedded safety circuit, ensuring that no leakage current can infiltrate your grounding mat during use, providing peace of mind as you enjoy the benefits of grounding.

The cord boasts a generous length of 4 meters, complete with a user-friendly 3-pin plug and a convenient snap button mechanism, making it effortlessly adaptable to your specific needs. However, before connecting the cord to an electrical socket, it's crucial to verify that you have a proper earthing setup in place for optimal safety and performance.

Designed for compatibility with all our Grounding Mats, with the exception of the Grounding Patched model, this versatile Grounding Cord is a valuable addition to your grounding toolkit. Embrace the power of grounding in the most secure and efficient manner possible with our trusted Grounding Cord.


1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Box Includes: Grounding Cord - 1 No

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