What is Grounding ? 

When the human body connects with the surface of the earth which provides us energy and re-balances our body system, this therapeutic technique is known as grounding or earthing. 

Have you felt the sensation of warmth while walking barefoot on the grass or at the beach?

It is the natural energy flowing from the earth subtle through the soul of your feet.

These are the movement of earth’s free electrons into your body which reduces inflammation, chronic pain making your sleep better, improving circulation and more.

 Grounding is to make an electrical connection to the earth’s energy which involves the simplest form of walking barefoot in the grass, dirt or sand. It can also be done indoors by more technical approaches such as by using grounding mats and other conductive products. Studies have shown that this method improves mood, reduces muscle damage and pain.

As per the researchers many benefits of grounding have been proven such as it reduce inflammation, reduce cortisol, increase energy, increase healing speed, decrease pain, restore balance to the body, etc.

How does Grounding work?

Earth acts as a giant battery which recharges the lives on this planet.

 Due to the atmospheric pressure and lightning strikes, the earth surface has subtle, negative electrical charges. It is full of free electrons i.e. the smallest unit of negative charges on an atomic level.

 When connected to the earth surface it provides energy and re-balances our body system which is done by nature bio electrical.

Journal of environmental and health public records show that:

 “Internal bio electrical environment is created by ours negative charges in your body. It normalizes the functions of the body system such as your biological clock, regulating circadian rhythms and balancing cortisol levels.”

Is there any evidence for Grounding 

The research on grounding includes 3 review articles and 18 studies in peer reviewed journals. As many studies are small in scale they are double blind and use test objectives to measure the physical responses of grounded subjects and faux-grounded subjects(who are unaware of not being grounded). The result showed:

-Improved sleep

-Stress reduction

-Pain relief

-Better blood flow & circulation

-Immune support

-Balanced cortisol levels, -especially at night

-Improved cardiovascular function 

Reduced inflammation

-Normalised muscle tension

-Faster recovery from muscular strain

-Increased levels of energy during the day

-Reduced free radicals in the body

You can put it to the test right now

Go outside and remove your shoes.

Walk barefoot on the grass.

To notice a difference after 30 minutes note down that how different you feel before and after in muscle fatigue, pain, stress or mood.

We have always overlooked earthing which has always been around.

Asian people believe that there is a healing power in earth and in 19 century German physiotherapist and naturalist Sebastian Kneipp stated that walking barefoot could help avoid diseases.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle it is important to minimize the unresolved or ongoing inflammation else it is known as chronic inflammation.

Many of the serious health conditions are caused by chronic inflammation such as obesity, heart attacks, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, strokes and depression.

Fortunately our earth is a huge natural, anti-inflammatory.

 Have a body receives a dose of free electrons when we are connected with the earth which can help to quench the fires of inflammation.

How about inflammation?

It is more important than ever to adopt a healthy lifestyle that minimises unresolved or ongoing inflammation, otherwise known as chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is a major factor in many serious health conditions including obesity, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, depression.

Fortunately, our planet is a huge natural, anti-inflammatory!

 When you connect with the earth, your body receives a dose of what’s known as “free electrons”.

 These free electrons can help quench the fires of inflammation.

Free radicals and chronic inflammation

Neutrophils causes inflammation which are the white blood cells released by the body when it deducts a pathogen or damaged cell. Neutrophils are sent to the site where pathogen or damaged cell is located, encapsulate it, release it reactive, electron deficient oxygen molecule.

 When neutrophil destroy the pathogen there are left over reactive electron-starved oxygen molecule byproducts. If the electrons are not enough in body then these reactive molecules steal an electron from healthy cell. Those who live an unnatural lifestyle faces free electron deficiency due to their improper diet and irregular connection which natural environments.

Due to the deficiency in free electrons the electrons are stolen from healthy cells, the immune system is then triggered of cell damage and then sends more neutrophils to remediate the newly damaged cell and thus the chain reaction begins. The chronic inflammation can continue for years silently. To prevent this inflammatory Domino effect, the easiest way is to get grounded.

When you are grounded electrically to earth, free electrons are spread in the body which has resulting anti-oxidant effect. When neutrophils releases their oxidative burst and seek out electrons, the earthing provide electrons to neutralize the situations by offering them electrons which prevents neutrophils to steal the electrons from healthy cells, thereby staving off the inflammation cascade.

What is Circadian Rhythm?

Body’s internal clock is called Circadian rhythm. Forest bathing, sunlight, groundwater submerging and earthing connect you with extremely low frequency (ELF) of the earth’s Schumann resonance which informs our internal clock. Circadian rhythm encompasses more than sleep wake cycle and makes the body coordinate 24 hour cycle of precise biochemical reactions which are important for our health.

When we leave disconnected from harmonizing frequencies of unadulterated earth, our internal timing is of, resulting in major problems like inflammation, insomnia, autoimmune diseases and mood affective disorders.

How do I get grounded?

You can connect to the earth both indoor with the product and outdoor on earth, which will provide you with the same health benefits.


Walking barefoot regularly on the green grass or moisture and at the beach is perfect. Moist earth is more conductive then the dry sand or dried out. The best places to ground yourself are with a combination of sand and salty water is the beach which is highly conductive.

The other conductive surfaces our ceramic tiles, and painted concrete and bricks which are laid directly on the earth surface and allows the human body to connect with the earth effectively.

To note is the change in stress level or pain, around 30 minutes should be enough. Researchers has suggested that our body experience physical changes within four seconds of earthing where our tense muscles started to relax and nervous system calms down.


The easy way to get benefit of earthing is grounding mat as they stimulate the effect of sleeping in direct contact with the earth.

 It provides the same benefit as connected to the earth by walking bare feet outside. You can experience grounded many more hours in this way while being a comfort at your home. Place in the grounding mat under your desk where you can place your feet while you work or it can also be used on the bed to stay grounded all night long.

Grounding mad can be either plugged into the grounded outlet of the wall or you can also route the cord outside and stick a stake straight in the earth.

The athletes has discovered a new health and performance tactics and reported that there are science-backed benefits of earthing into their recovery protocol.

Is it safe to ground myself via the power socket?

If you are using specially designed earthing adapters then it is safe to ground yourself. Better earthing adapters has to plastics prongs at the top which does not allow electric current to pass through.

 The third “earth” pin is metal which allow passing the free electrons. Furthermore, our lead has safety resistor, plus fine wire like fuse wire which protect against the rare events of power surge via building’s earth wiring.

Schumann resonance is the mother’s natural heartbeat with the frequency of 7.83HZ. The same frequency is an alpha/theta brainwave frequency in the human brain. Alpha/theta brainwave frequency is when cell regeneration and healing happens and also when the body is relaxed, dreamy and in sleeping state. In bigger city’s people are unbalanced, irritated, reactive, angry and diseases are rising in astronomical numbers. In this technological era the superficial wavelength disrupt the natural earth’s frequency. We require array of electronics for our survival such as Wi-Fi, Cell phones etc. This is also a reason that our bio electromagnetic waves were out of balance. Our bodies are out of balance from earth’s electromagnetic frequency. For example the frequency of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation( i.e. power of cell phones, tv’s, radio etc) ranges from 30,000 HZ to 300 billion HZ which is more than 7.83Hzi.e. which the earth radiates. No wonder our bodies are out of balance and crave healing.

“Power supply systems, telecommunication, appliances, computers and other technology generates electromagnetic fields produced by humans are extremely powerful which can increase the incidence of cancer, depression, heart diseases and other major diseases. The residential area which has the exposure to strong electromagnetic fields and working in such areas has significantly increased chances of risk of listed diseases. Certain group of people such as pregnant women, children, elderly and weak bodies are found to be more sensitive and susceptible to adverse effect from these fields than others.

 (In research such cases has opposing opinions on the existence or extent of such adverse effects)”, Hearth Math Institute It has been proven by various scientific experiments that tuning to 7.83HZ, the planets on magnetic frequency people are benefited with body rejuvenation, enhanced memory, balance, improve stress tolerance, Anti-mind control, anti- jetlag, etc. On the other hand, the study has done where Schumann resonance, the exposure of 7.8 3HZ frequency was removed from individuals environment, Resulting to the migraine headaches, emotional distress and other health problems in subjects. This experiment has showed that earth’s magnetic frequency is very important for better health. The fastest way to balance bio electromagnetic field and to connect with earth electromagnetic waves is to use grounding products. An hour spent on Grounding Mat will provide you the same benefits. All you need is to lay down, relax, surrender and enjoy.

The various experiments has also conducted where the immediate results has been seen in numerous clients. Book the product online and add years to your life!!

Book the product online and add years to your life!!

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