Benefits of Being Grounded 

The earth's electrons are absorbed by the body and move throughout providing a great impact from the top to bottom when we are grounded. The intriguing evidence has been provided by our researchers and by the success stories of the people which supports the concept that connection with the earth has a great medicinal value. It also shows that the earth’s electrons provide the foundation for better health. It provides nutrients to the body whose deficiencies can cause health problems like Vitamin or mineral deficiency.

The powers used by the electrical systems for appliances in our house are stabilized by the earth as they are grounded and connected to the earth. Same as our bioelectrical bodies become stabilized when they are connected to the earth i.e. when we are grounded.

As our bodies work electrically, our every movement is based on frequencies and the transmission of electricity in the body such as the immune system, heart and brain are obvious examples. The faint electromagnetic signals which are generated by the earth’s electrons regulate and maintain the rhythm of the chemical and hormonal cycle of the human body. With the use of thermal and laser imaging, earthing studies have demonstrated how the grounding can improve the flow of blood to the face if it is done just for an hour. The studies have also suggested that nourishment of facial tissues and functions has been in the hands and the findings show that people over the years looked younger and healthier after they start grounding.


Reduces chronic inflammation.

This inflammation is a causative factor of pain and aggravating factor of all chronic and age-related diseases such as Rheumatoid, Autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes. Earthing also prevents the cardinal signs of inflammation search injuries like swelling, heat, redness, pain and loss of function.

Reduces the pain

Inflammation causes severe pains were typically responded rapidly to Earth. The healing related pains or lessened, often significant in intensity and duration.

Improve sleeping conditions.

Better sleep is the most common response from people when they started earthing and it is being reported that they woke up very fewer times during the night and fell asleep faster.

Energy is improved

Low energy people have difficulty waking up in the morning and grounding provides more morning energy as well as vitality throughout the day. The electrons are being stored by the body in conductive connective tissues and grounded individuals are probably depleted to one degree and the available electrons are being drained to neutralize free radicals which can cause oxidative damage and other diseases. The body becomes gradually electron-deficient which is a stage of wellness when we are being grounded. The body saturates with electrons if earthing is done. This is the way how earthing recharges the body’s “electric battery” counteracts free radical activities and also feeds cellular energy production which requires electrons that fuel all the biochemical processes in the body.

Melatonin production is increased

The most important hormone of the pineal gland is melatonin which promotes restful and deep sleep, supports the immune system, reduces the damage of cells and ageing, improves energy and also inhibits the cancer cell's growth.

Secretion of the stress hormone cortisol is normalized

Cortisol act as a mediator and the maker of stress response which is associated with both psychological and physiological stress, sleep dysfunction and inflammation. The chronicle elevation of cortisol from stress can disturb the body’s circadian rhythms which can contribute to sleep disorders, bone density problems, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, decrease the immune response, autoimmune diseases, disturbance of mood and Abnormal changes in the levels of glucose.

Reduces stress

The psychological disorders are due to physical and psychological stress. Earthing has an enormous potential to prevent the negative effects of most diseases and pains.

 Earthing has been documented to provide significant stress-reducing effects which results in a systematic impact on the body including the following:

• The stress hormones such as cortisol are normalized.
• It has a better impact on the brain's electrical activity.
• Muscle tensions are reduced.
• The overactive sympathetic nervous system expressions are typically shifted within the autonomic nervous system(ANS) which heals the stress and regulates the heart and respiratory rate, Urination, digestion and even sexual arousal.
• ANS also improves the heart rate variability(HRV) which relates to the minuscule variations in heart beat-to-beat intervals which serves as an accurate reflector of stress. If HRV is poor, stress-related disorders, cardiovascular diseases, mental health issues and diabetes can affect the lifespan.

The nervous system function is improved

The health of premature infants is improved by grounding as per the experiment published in 2017 in the journal neonatology by researchers at Pennsylvania University Children’s Hospital in Hershey. It was being reported that there is a significant and immediate improvement in autonomic nervous system function for those babies who are kept grounded. It is also seen that from 5 to 60 days of age they are clinically stable and there was an increase in measurement of heart rate variability which indicates improved vagus nerve function. The main nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system is the vagus whose branches supply and regulate the key organs including the lungs, heart, intestine and has a powerful influence on stress and inflammatory responses. It was the first earthing study that was conducted with babies.

Mood is improved

For six weeks 8 female subjects will be grounded out of which seven reported improved mood. The other study shows that 40 participants were divided into either grounded or sham-grounded for two hours and as per the questionnaire the grounded participants were found with improved mood. Also in the women’s wellness conference in 2012, it was reported that after being grounded for one hour, 82 out of 100 attendees said that their mood had improved by an average of 40%

Blood viscosity is reduced

Diabetes and cardiovascular disorders are correlated with higher blood viscosity(i.e. thicker, sludgy blood). To determine the effects of earthing on blood viscosity two studies were being performed. The first study involves the subjects relaxing for 2 hours with blood viscosity measured using a zeta potential measurement. A commercial blood Viscometer is used in the second study to measure the viscosity of individuals who were practising yoga on a grounded yoga mat. It was found by both studies that earthing significantly reduce the blood viscosity which potentially improves red blood cell spacing i.e. thinning them out. Earthing also appears to be a potent circulation booster that represents a preventive and therapeutic strategy against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Blood flow in the torso, extremities and face is being improved

As per one hour study utilizing laser imaging technology, when grounded, the facial blood flow regulations are improved but not in sham-grounded subjects. As per the study using infrared(thermographic) Imaging cameras also documented the circulation of fluids is improved including blood and lymph and a decrease in intestinal distension(bloating) throughout the torso and abdomen which shows that the circulation is enhanced throughout the body, extremities and head and face. These innovative studies demonstrated that even one hour of contact with earth has significantly promoted circulation and blood regulation and provides supportive evidence of grounding’s effects on blood viscosity.

Glucose (blood sugar) is improved

Over 72 hours patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus were grounded which resulted in a reduction in fasting glucose levels. The outcome of the study showed that disconnection of the earth negatively affects glucose regulation which can be an overlooked factor in diabetes treatment and prevention.

Calcium and bone density loss are prevented, reducing the indicators of osteoporosis

There was a reduction in blood and unary calcium and prosperous when the blood is been analyzed after non-medicated subjects were grounded for one night. Earthing has reduced the primary indicators of osteoporosis in one night.

Enhances efficiency as body bioelectrical circuits are grounded

There is a dynamic electric circuit collection in the body where the trillions of cells are constantly transmitted and receive synergy when they carry out the program biochemical reactions which are regulated by electric fields. From the electric standpoint, the human body and or surface act as conductors when they come in contact their respective electric potential level equalizes. This is accomplished by electron sharing. The most negatively charged of the two conductors is the earth's surface which provides electrons to the body. When grounded, for all body biological circuits, primordial and naturally stabilized electrical reference points is created which is similar to the grounding of any electronic circuit to make the circuit function properly.

Metabolic rate is increased

When there is the presence of several reasons factors such as high triglycerides, excess abdominal obesity, glucose, blood pressure and high-density lipoprotein shows the metabolic syndrome which increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. When a person starts to gain weight, the metabolic rate of a person decreases and these risks factors are increased. The studies were performed for 40 minutes where 28 subjects are grounded and Sham-grounded. It is found that more efficient processing of the energy( a higher basal metabolic rate) is shown by the grounded people. There was also a study performed with rats where the 60 rats were divided into two groups i.e. grounded and non-grounded. There was a beneficial effect on metabolic syndrome indicators and body weight in grounded rats after 20 months.

Influence the function of thyroid glands

Blood samples were taken from six male and six females adults with no history of thyroid disease. Earthing produced a significant increase in tri-iodothyronine(T3) in a single night and there was also an increase in free thyroxin(T4) and thyroid-stimulating hormones. The results were unclear other than grounding affects thyroid metabolism. Over the years there was feedback from many individuals that after they started earthing, they were able to reduce their medication for hypothyroidism. 

Accelerates recovery from strenuous exercises and reduces muscle damage

When there is excess exercise done there is delayed onset muscle soreness(DOMS) where overtaxed muscles hurt and pain for a few days. The experiment was created on 8 healthy young men who performed weighted Toe raises to create significant muscle soreness(DOMS) in both calves. Each participant exercises individually on Monday morning then is monitored for the rest of the week while following a similar schedule of eating, sleeping and living. The group was divided between grounded and sham-grounded. The muscle damage and accelerated recovery from DOMS were reduced when comprehensive testing and measurements were made among grounded men compared to non-grounded. There were marked decreases in creatine kinase, a biochemical indicator of muscle damage when a second DOMS study was conducted. Another study showed that grounding during cycling exercise reduces the level of blood urea, an indicator of muscle and protein breakdown. The result shows the major recovery benefit of training athletes.

PMS symptoms and hot flashes are reduced

Women have reported that there were improved mensuration and menopause discomfort. The study of 5 out of 6 females showed that there is a decrease in the symptoms of PMS or hot flashes when conducted within 6 weeks.

Wounds heal faster

There was an eight-month old unhealed and painful open wound in an 84-year-old diabetic woman on the left ankle who has undergone many treatments at specialized routes centres which showed no results. After grounding daily for two weeks for at least half an hour with earthing electrode patch the wound was healed over and patient-reported to be completely pain-free. It was also experienced positive effects by the cyclist whose wound healing was slow which was threatening their ability to continue competing. Earthing has observed very rapid healing along with minimal classical signs of inflammation i.e. heat, swelling, redness, pain, loss of function.

Muscle tensions were normalized

Our body operates electrically as nerve impulses stimulate muscle fibres to contract. Specialized instrumentation (electromyography, EMG) is used to measure the electrical voltage generated by muscle cells in non-grounded and grounded subjects. Muscle tone refers to a state of tension when the degree of constant study contraction of a given muscle. High voltage is generated by tense muscle cells while a low level of voltage is generated by low tension. The study showed that tension of muscles increased with low tone and tension of tensed muscles decreased allowing for more orderly and efficient function.

Anti-ageing effects

The dominant theory of ageing emphasizes that oxidative stress causes cumulative damage from free radicals produced during normal metabolism or in response to poor diet, pollution, injury or stress. Anti-ageing effect of grounding showed that based on electron storage enhancement the readily and abundantly anti-oxidant electrons were delivered to the sites where tissue integrity can be damaged by free radicals.

Protects the body against low-frequency electromagnetic fields

The potential equalizes when the earth’s surface and body come in contact. The earth's surface is a negative charge of two conductors electrons are transferred from the earth's surface to the body. The contact between the conductors is maintained resulting in the constant exchange of Low-frequency electromagnetic fields and electrons which prevent external electromagnetic fields to penetrate the body. It maintains the internal electrical condition of the body into a homeostatic electrical state which stabilizes the body’s internal electrical environment. This is for the Faraday cage effect.

In the presence of EMF, it is harmful to ground yourself as it will interfere with the grounding process. For which there is no such evidence for any of this theory. On the contrary, the grounding studies have been conducted in homes, offices and facilities where EMFs were present. The grounding reduces voltage is induced on the body from EMFs per the two studies. In 2005 the Applewhite study was conducted to show the voltage reduction by a factor of least 70 then the brown study was conducted in 2015, which showed that being close to the monitor, scanner, desk lamp and wireless phone the AC generated through the body of a grounded person is combined with EMF emissions which is less than 1800 the minimum perceptible current at a distance of 3 feet less than 380 times while touching the lamp. It is negligible current and none of the 50 subjects who participated in the study felt anything.

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