Joint Pain Relief: Earthing can be a Solution



There is a common misconception that joint pain only occurs as one grows older. However, it is increasingly common to see people in their 30s experiencing arthritis or body pains. Unlike in the past, when these issues were not as prevalent, modern lifestyle factors contribute to these joint pains.

Many of us spend much of our time indoors and have limited opportunities for outdoor activities. This shift towards a sedentary lifestyle is associated with a rise in Swelling & joint pain. It is worth considering why our ancestors, despite having limited access to medical facilities, had better overall health and experienced joint pains at a later stage in life.

One possible explanation is that we have drifted away from nature as technology has advanced. We have incorporated technology into our daily lives for convenience, but in doing so, we have become disconnected from nature. For instance, since the invention of shoes, we rarely consider going barefoot, even when we are in community parks, further separating ourselves from the earth.

Direct contact with the earth, known as Earthing or Grounding, has been a practice among all living beings on Earth. Just as a plant thrives when rooted in the ground compared to being in a plastic pot. |Grounding, is a natural way to reduce joint pain & swelling. It works by connecting your body to the Earth's natural energy. This connection helps to reduce inflammation and pain and improve your overall health and well-being.



Over 20 peer-reviewed studies suggest that earthing may reduce inflammation and pain.

Fortunately, now we can practice Earthing indoors by using grounding tools like a Grounding Mat which is now available in India. These tools enable a direct connection with Mother Earth, even when we are relaxing in bed. We just need to place the grounding mat under our feet while sleeping and touch our bare skin to the Grounding Mat.


If you are suffering from joint pain, earthing may be a natural way to reduce your pain and improve your overall health. Grounding is safe, easy to do, and has been shown to offer a number of other health benefits.

If you are interested in trying earthing, then you can get your grounding mat and never miss earthing even for a single day

Source: Review Article Integrative and lifestyle medicine strategies should include Earthing (grounding): Review of research evidence and clinical observations May-June 2020 Volume 16, Issue 3, Page 152-160


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